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The "make_color_hex" Function


"#RRGGBB"stringA three or six-character hex color code, as a string


Returns an RGB color from a Hex color code.

Note that including a # at the beginning of the hex code is optional, and if any unacceptable input is made, the script will return c_white or the nearest usable color value to the malformed input. It is also acceptable to input only three values, in which case the secondary value will be assumed to match the first.

If you are not familiar with Hex color notation, you can choose a color using the color picker below. Click the notation to cycle between RGB, HSL, and Hex color notations.

* Requires Chromium browser


color = make_color_hex("#0066FF");
color = make_color_hex("0066FF");
color = make_color_hex("#06F");
color = make_color_hex("06F");