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What is Quantum?


The Quantum Framework by XGASOFT is a powerful new way to develop applications that gives programmers full control over when and how their code is executed. By separating functions into "events" and "actions" managed by Quantum, it is possible to assign IDs to live code itself, create custom scripting languages within virtually any other language, and more easily port projects across languages wherever the Quantum Framework is implemented. Additionally, with the power of indeterminate states, Quantum makes it possible to execute the same events and actions multiple times while producing unique results in each context. It really is (almost!) as cool as quantum physics!

Although Quantum is not currently available as a standalone product, you'll find it at the heart of other XGASOFT products, debuting with VNgen. At XGASOFT, Quantum isn't just code: it's a lifestyle. Anywhere you find Quantum, you can be certain you're building on a rock-solid, extensible, and portable foundation.