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Text Actions

Text is one of the most important aspects of any visual novel. While writing great content is up to you, VNgen provides many options for displaying text in the most engaging ways possible. As one of the most specialized of all entities, text both shares effects and animations with other entities and possesses properties all its own. VNgen even features inline markup exclusive to text actions which adds support for variable colors, fonts, typewriter speeds, and more!

At the same time, text is also quick and easy to use. Advanced stylization is stored in memory and can be reapplied with a single keyword, saving time rewriting the same styles over and over. After all, your focus should be on telling stories--not code! Any time a font, gradient color, shadow color, or outline color is declared, it is automatically stored in memory and assigned to the speaking character. If ever the same speaking character is used again, fonts and colors using the inherit keyword will restore this saved data. In this way, each character can easily have their own fonts and colors without the need for performing stylization over and over again!

In this section we'll examine available text actions, as well as special features such as inline markup, style inheritance, and more.