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Telling stories with code

Echoes of the Fey - Episode 1 by Woodsy Studio, running Edge VN


Creators all over the world are using XGASOFT middleware to deliver engaging narrative experiences across all major platforms. Build for desktop, mobile, and console from a single codebase.

Echoes of the Fey by Woodsy Studio is built with Edge VN and is available on PC via Steam, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Middleware means leveling up your engine, not replacing it! Build entirely with XGASOFT, or build on top of any genre you can imagine. The choice is yours.

Chromatose by Akabaka is built with VNgen, combining animated interactive dialog with innovative RPG gameplay.

Chromatose by Akabaka, running VNgen

The Four Old Gods by Amorphous, running Edge VN


A good user experience begins with a good developer experience. XGASOFT removes the roadblocks to making your dream project a reality, so you don't waste time with complicated setup and intricate learning curves.

The Four Old Gods by Amorphous was created with Edge VN from scratch in less than 10 days as a Game Jam contest entry in 2016.


One size doesn't always fit all. XGASOFT takes a "white box" approach to middleware, providing developers with full source code and easy access to internal behaviors. Whether you're a veteran programmer or just getting started, your project can look and feel just as unique as you are!

The Misadventures of Laura Silver by Studio Attic Salt uses multiple variations of custom comic book-style UI in Edge VN and VNgen.

The Misadventures of Laura Silver by Studio Attic Salt, running Edge VN and VNgen

Decisions by ZenAfri, running VNgen


Magic happens when code and art intersect. XGASOFT puts the power of state-of-the-art 2D animation in any developer's hands, big or small. Don't just tell your story, bring it to life!

Decisions by ZenAfri uses real-time character animations and dialog choices powered by VNgen

Creating with XGASOFT?

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